Level Up for High School

Level Up for High School

Level Up for High School is a unique dual track program for middle school students and their parents.  Join us February 25 at 9:30 a.m. at Heritage Fellowship Church for a deep dive on the issues that surface when rising from middle school to high school.  

Beginning at 9:30 a.m. our middle school students will enjoy a series of activities with current high school students demystifying the issues that are on their minds as they make this transition.  In a separate session, “the parents perspective” will be the focus with high school administrators prepared to help parents prepare their youngsters for high school success.
The experience will feature --


  • Separation sessions for students and parents, with tips and techniques for navigating through the high school journey
  • Interactive and fun activities, as well as lunch provided for the youth attendees
  • Speakers and panelists to include:

Charles Barrett, PhD -- Coordinator, Psychological Services (LCPS)

Victor Powell, Principal for Glasgow Middle School (FCPS)

Sharon Duncan Hudspeth, Assistant Principal for Langston Hughes Middle School (FCPS)

Miles Lipscomb, English Teacher and Assistant Football Coach for Lightride High School (LCPS)

High School seniors, and parents of current high schoolers and graduates

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